Cruise info

Vi samarbeider med Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler og reiselivsnæringen for tilrettelegging for cruiseanløp i Fredrikstad og Sarpsborg.

We are cooperating with Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler and the tourism industry for the facilitation of cruise vessel calls at the cities of fredrikstad and Sarpsborg.

For mer informasjon klikk her / for further information go to: Visit Fredrikstad & Hvaler


Øra – Terminal

Main docks at the estuary of river Glomma

Main port –( Øra)  ISPS-port


The latest expansion  of the quayfront and terminal space is allowing ships with length up to 290 metres to moore alongside.


Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 300 mtrs. W.O.A. 36 mtrs  Draft 12 mtr


The northern ara of the terminal has earlier been taking in cruise vessels  with a length of 200 metres, and will also in the future be available for cruisevessels in the class.


Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 220 mtrs. W.O.A. 32 mtrs  Draft 8.5  mtrs.


City Center of Fredrikstad – Tolbodkaien

City centre of Fredrikstad

Tollbodkaien, quayfront – 112 mtrs


Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 160 mtrs. W.O.A. 28 mtrs  Draft 6 mtrs


Old Town Fredrikstad

Old Town of Fredrikstad (Not ISPS – DOS to be signed)       75 mtrs


Max size of ships:  L.O.A. 75 mtrs. W.O.A. 12 mtrs  Draft 5mtrs

Ships calling Fredrikstad City or Old Town might have to turn on the bay north of the bridge, maximum airdraft will be 39 mtrs.

Ancorage possible at two positions:

N59˚08,39’, E10˚52.15’           – Dist. for tenders 1.1 naut.miles

N59˚07,71’, E10˚58.22’           – Dist. for tenders 1.3 naut.miles



Høysand brygge

N59˚1,16’, E10˚52.15’   E 10˚23,02’ – Dist. for tenders 0.5 naut.miles